East Ukraine: Russia’s Forces Tank Drives Over Graves

In eastern Ukraine, Russia’s now trying to kill the dead.
If anything sums up Russia’s seven bloody years of occupation and wanton destruction, this incident surely does. On the southern edge of the occupied town of Perevalsk, lies a cemetery. It used to be a tranquil place, well-suited for the last resting place of loved ones. Located on the edge of a ridge, surrounded by clusters of trees, it looks down on the River Bila and beyond the village of Buhaivka.

However, the peaceful tranquility was brutally shattered in 2014, when Russia invaded eastern Ukraine, and was further compounded by the building in 2015 of a large Russia’s forces base near Buhaivka. The secluded cemetery now found itself on the main road leading to this military base, one that holds routine military exercises and has around 100 pieces of hardware including tanks stationed there. Locals say it’s “scary to walk” on the streets, because military equipment is constantly moving on the roads, and a local man was killed in a collision with a tank.

Cemetery is seen in the middle foreground next to the road.

May 15th 2021: it’s reported a tank lay waste to numerous graves and trees in the cemetery, simply driving and maneuvering over them – the below pictures showing the result of this callous act. Perevalsk residents claim this is the second time graves have been damaged by military hardware. “Last year, fewer graves were damaged and residents appealed to local “authorities,” but there were no results, no one was punished, and the damage to people was not compensated.” One doubts the sham Russia-led Luhansk people’s republic or Russia’s forces will be anymore forthcoming this time around. Clearly Russia has a bottomless pit of money to spend on its military occupation, but none to spare for repairing graves damaged by Russian tanks. Link to Pravda article

Cemetery is marked in yellow and beyond the tree covered hill, the Buhaivka military base in blue.
It’s hard to see how a tank managed to drive over graves in the above cemetery – perhaps the driver was drunk, a not uncommon condition of Russia’s cannon fodder in eastern Ukraine.
In Ukraine’s Luhansk Oblast (province) the Russia’s forces military base near Buhaivka (blue).
Some of the hardware stationed at the base. In red I’ve highlighted some of the tanks.


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