I’ll Soon Be Back Blogging

Man it’s damned hard to stop campaigning for Ukraine.
The inevitable has happened, and my love for Ukraine has won through.

So, I’ve decided to resume campaigning for Ukraine. However, this time around I want to make better use of my time, and produce shorter succinct videos and blog posts. Will be adding several blog pages with contact details, donation info and one covering how I found myself highlighting Russia’s occupation of eastern Ukraine – it’s an amusing story involving the BBC website and Putin’s pathetic troll army.

Once I’ve rejigged aspects of my current work & produced a few YouTube videos and written some blog posts, I’ll be back fulltime blogging in a few weeks. So, it only remains to say, thanks to all who support this blog and my other social media efforts.

C U Soon.


  1. Love 💗 you – glad your back – I missed your blog and your fire 🔥 See you soon Lara ( Lili)

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