OSCE Frontline Status Report

As I’ve often said, these OSCE fortnightly Status Reports give us a snapshot appreciation of the frontline fighting – or more accurately frontline firing. They also indicate which side is obstructing the work of the OSCE Monitoring Mission in Ukraine. Sorry, but no prizes for guessing which side has consistently done most of the obstructing (hint, hint > RUSSIA).

Below are the two latest Status Reports. An recent unwelcome upward trend, is the shooting at OSCE UAV, along with increased jamming of their UAV radio signal. Firing at UAV has always happened from time to time, but now it’s become a routine affair, with 3 incidents reported yesterday by the OSCE.

August 9th to 22nd saw Ceasefire Violations increase, with 2,966 compared to 2,389 in the previous 2 weeks. This increased firing heralded the inevitable increase in civilian casualties, with 4 reported injured and 2 killed. Five of the casualties were due to shelling/firing and one person died due to mines/UXO. As for that obstruction, once again Russia’s forces led by example, with 24 out of 27 “Freedom of Movement” restriction imposed by them. This stopping of OSCE patrols usually occurs at military road checkpoints or when OSCE monitors are told to leave an area – usually when near the frontline or Ukrainian/Russian border. The consistent high level of movement restrictions clearly indicates Russia has something to hide in Ukraine, like Russian tanks, mortars, artillery, ammo supply columns etc.

OSCE UAV were shot at 5 times, 4 of the occasions while flying over “non-government controlled areas” (Russian occupied territory). Some 43 UAV experienced “probable jamming” from electronic warfare systems.

Bringing us up-to-date. August 23rd to Sept 5th.
Thankfully this fortnight saw a reduction in Ceasefire Violations: 2,494 compared to 2,966 in the previous 2 weeks. Although frontline firing reduced, there were still five civilians casualties, including 1 killed. Total number of confirmed civilian casualties during 2021, is 15 killed & 47 injured. Russia’s forces again top the “Freedom of Movement” restriction chart, with them stopping OSCE patrols 27 times out of 30.

The shooting at OSCE UAV increased, with 12 reported occasions. 10 incidents happened over “non-government controlled areas” and 2 Ukrainian controlled. UAV signal interference dramatically increased, with a whopping 107 occasions of “probable jamming.”

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