Say Hello to Julia: Frontline Ukrainian Combat Medic

When you think back to what we were doing as a twenty year-old, few of us can say we risked our lives serving on a frontline. Few could say they served in a bloody war currently raging in Europe, one which has lasted longer than WW2.

Meet Yulia (Julia).
Serving as a soldier on the frontline in the Luhansk region, she’s a 20-year-old Ukrainian army combat medic. Born in Luhansk, like hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, her parents with school girl Yulia in tow, fled their home due to the heavy fighting. Stationed on the frontline for the last year and a half, she’s once more back in her homeland region of Luhansk. Link to Ukrainian Ministry of Defence Face Book Post.

The job of a combat medic is extremely hazardous and has often proved fatal. Deliberately putting themselves in harms way to reach areas Russia’s forces are shelling or where murderous Russian snipers are operating, is their daily duty. More than a few military and civilian medics, including a good many female ones have been killed and wounded, some hit while driving ambulances. Only recently, Yulia provided first aid to her commander, severely wounded by a bullet to the head. In the bloodied trench, she administered a painkiller and bandaged the wound – “there is no time to be nervous.”

This modest young woman sums up her role: “I want to be useful. Medics are very much needed here. ”

With her 21st birthday just a few days away, we wish Yulia well.
Take care little sister. Take care.

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