Ukraine: Russia’s Occupation Forces Make Shells From 3D Printers

A glance at the above heading and you might ask, has Russia finally stopped sending ammo into eastern Ukraine? However, this is not about the Russia’s endless supply of ammo into eastern Ukraine, and more about the evil ingenuity of Russia’s occupation forces.

On Sept 6th, Russia’s forces used a UAV to drop two improvised explosive devices – this on the northern outskirts of the village of Zaitseve, a frontline settlement in Ukraine’s Donetsk region. The devices were made using a 3D printer, with each containing up to 500 grams of plastic explosive and specially made “cassettes” containing steel shrapnel type balls up to 6mm in diameter. It’s not hard to imagine the horrific wounds these metal balls would inflict, when slicing through flesh. Link to Ukrainian military Face Book post.

The advantage of using plastic 3D made shells, is the significant weight reduction which UAV have to carry. Traditionally, UAV used for dropping explosive devices carry a grenade or 1 or 2 small metal shells. Seen in the photos, one of two 3D shells is reported as not detonating. This failure to explode maybe related to the reduced impact these lightweight 3D shells make upon hitting the ground. Know doubt Russia’s forces will look to perfect their latest terror weapon in the sky.

Here you can see the fracturing of the plastic 3D shell once it hit the ground – revealing its lethal metal ball bearing cargo.
The “cassettes” containing the metal ball bearings.
Arrows indicate which direction UAV came from and which way is North.

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