Thank You: It’s Good To Be Back Blogging

After a few months away, it feels real… good to be back campaigning for Ukraine.
Having campaigned for 7 long years, it just wasn’t possible for me to read media reports about Ukraine without wanting to report on them. So, having starting posting some stuff on Twitter, the inevitable happened and here I am again.

So it only remains to say, a sincere thanks to my 78 blog followers and those who support my scribbling efforts. Will try to post on a regular basis, with long, short and snippet pieces of news. Soon I’ll add contact details, and a page explaining the rather amusing story behind my sudden love for Ukraine.

Thank you all – from Alex


  1. Hi Alex — Great to see you back blogging for Ukraine. The paypal link appears to be broken. Would you please send another? Or give me an email address to use? Thank you!


    1. Hello Iryna. Thanks for the welcome back and your kind offer of a donation. Taken PayPal links down as aiming to launch a proper crowd-funder campaign, so if able please wait a short while & donate via that. I shall be plugging it like crazy, so you should see it. Thank you.


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