In Russian Occupied Ukraine: OSCE Receive Bomb Threat

Safe to say, it’s no easy job working as an OSCE monitor in occupied Ukraine. Both male and female staff suffer routine harassment and daily coordinated obstructions from Russia’s forces – OSCE have reported some soldiers as clearly inebriated, abusive and angry. Added to which, Russia’s propaganda often labels the OSCE as pro-Ukraine and puppets of the wicked west etc. So all in all, if you want a safe life free from drunken soldiers pointing guns at you and life threatening propaganda demonizing you, you wouldn’t chose to work in Russia’s lawless occupied enclave.

OSCE offices in the occupied city of Luhansk.

September 18th, the OSCE received news of bomb threat to their offices in the occupied city of Luhansk. Thankfully, upon evacuating and subsequently searching the offices, no bomb was found. In the past there have been numerous fake bomb alerts staged in public areas by Russia’s sham Donetsk and Luhansk republics – this done to blame Ukrainian saboteurs. Difficult to say whether this was a genuine bomb threat or yet another staged propaganda event. Below is the text from the Sept 20th OSCE report. Note they say “armed formations, rather than Russia’s forces.

September 18th at 14:12, the Mission received a phone call from members of the armed formations stating that they had received an anonymous email indicating that a bomb had been placed on the SMM premises in non-government-controlled Luhansk city. At 14:15, the Mission evacuated all its staff from the abovementioned premises to a safe area as a precaution. Upon the SMM’s request, from 15:40 until 17:10, members of the armed formations, in the presence of the Mission’s security personnel, conducted a sweep of the SMM premises and did not detect any explosive devices. SMM staff returned to its premises 30 minutes after the completion of the inspection and resumed operations.

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