East Ukraine: War & The Roads To Nowhere

It was the band Talking Heads who once sang – Were on the road to nowhere…
Well, due to Russia’s on-going occupation of eastern Ukraine, this region is full of roads that previously led somewhere. The image below shows tank traps blocking a dual carriage way, it leading to the now occupied city of Donetsk. But the image reveals more than just a road closure. It graphically illustrates the economic depravation Russia’s inflicted on eastern Ukraine. Close a major arterial road and goods and services can’t use it. People can’t travel to work or visit the region. Businesses close and news ones reliant on road transport wont open. The pylons painted in Ukraine’s national colours still stand tall, but they overlook a dead road.

This picture was taken in 2016 and remains blocked today. This is a Ukrainian roadblock, constructed to deter an advance by Russia’s forces beyond the city of Donetsk. In the far distance, Russia’s forces occupy the bridge area and beyond this is the city of Donetsk. On the left, is the Donetsk Water Filtration station.
The busy road in happier times.
Google Earth image of the road. On the right is the Ukrainian held town of Avdiivka. Everything beyond it and all named locations are held by Russia’s forces.
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