Ukrainian Shot in Head by Russia’s Forces Regains Consciousness

We often view the on-going horror of Russia’s occupation of eastern Ukraine through the prism of those killed by Russia’s forces. Therefore it’s easy to neglect the tens of thousands of Ukrainians, both civilian and military who’ve been wounded. Men, women and children have lost limbs due to mines, had their flesh sliced into by Russian shrapnel, or been injured by Russia’s snipers, who sadistically prowl the frontline seeking out victims.

So it’s always rewarding to read about someone who against all odds, is on the road to recovery. August 29th, Ukrainian soldier Andriy Dyachyshyn, was shot in the head by a Russia’s forces sniper. Suffering a “diametrical bullet wound to the brain,” he lapsed into a coma. But, with doctors fighting for his life, this doughty warrior was not about to give up on life. October 6th, the hospital announced the good news, that “Andriy is successfully continuing his rehabilitation at the Lviv Clinical Military Medical Center, and has regained full consciousness.”

Below is a screen grab taken from a video posted by a doctor. In it, Andriy sends greetings to his comrades in arms. Serving on the frontline since 2014, we wish Andriy a full & speedy recovery. Link to article and video.

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