Ukrainian Soldiers Dodging Russia’s Frontline Death

Myself and others routinely report when Russia’s forces kill yet another Ukrainian soldier. As seen below, the faces of those killed in Sept & Oct of this year hold your gaze. They are young, old, tall and short. They are brave warriors who battled to hold Europe’s frontline against Russian tyranny. R.I.P one and all.

Image compiled by Marko Enqvist on his excellent Google blog. He gives more background on the above soldiers.

But, we mustn’t overlook the wounded Ukrainian soldiers. Every week shell fire, sniper fire and countless other weapons injure them. Every month some suffer unimaginably injuries, with shrapnel ripping through their flesh severing their limbs, and sniper bullets drilling into their heads. And if anything sums up this horrendous catalogue to injuries, the below images do.

Reported as taken a few weeks ago, they show two Ukrainian soldiers recovering in the military hospital in Lviv. And they sure have a lot in common. They’re both called Vlad and each suffered catastrophic injuries to their skulls. They’ve undergone major surgery, with one already having metal plates inserted to replace his damaged skull, and the other soldier awaiting such surgery. We can but wish them a full recovery and pay fulsome praise to their unceasing determination to deny Russia’s grim reaper, and the remarkable skills of the medical teams who saved their lives. Due respect to one and all.

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