Ukraine: OSCE Film Russian Artillery on Frontline

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Today we are again looking at another image showing Russia’s forces artillery on the frontline. Last few days I’ve posted on self-propelled and towed artillery seen close to the frontline, but today we look at artillery dug in on it.

From Sept 24th 2021, the below OSCE image shows a camouflaged howitzer, one of three said to be at this location. The guns are towed artillery and the vehicle tracks indicate this firing position has been used multiple times. In addition, we can see a dug out under construction, with piles of logs and fresh earth on the roof + two soldiers. The trenches on either side of the gun also look relatively new, as no weeds or grass are growing on them. As pointed out later in this post, this looks to be an old artillery firing position, which is being enhanced.

Now Russia’s propaganda constantly claims it’s only the Ukrainian army doing all the firing and it’s only Ukraine breaching the Minsk agreement. Yet, this is a well used artillery firing position pointing towards Ukrainian held territory, with guns in it.

Blue square shows the new dug out under construction. Yellow square shows one already dug. One will likely hold ammo and the other used by gun crew to take cover should Ukrainian return fire pay them a visit.

The OSCE has labeled the gun as a Minsk Violation breach.
This due to the guns being within 25km of the frontline. In Ukraine’s Luhansk region, the location of this battery near the villages of Novyi & Hannivka, endangers not only the civilians there, but large numbers living in the nearby towns of Bryanka & Almazna.

Russia wants Ukrainian civilians to be killed.
Russia’s forces routinely use heavy artillery and mortar fire to provoke Ukrainian return fire. They, or rather the Kremlin hopes, any return fire will hit civilian populated areas. Russia’s propaganda machine will then kick in, loudly proclaiming… Look Ukraine’s deliberately targeting civilians. Establishing artillery firing positions just 1km away from civilian houses, is good example of the uncaring attitude shown towards the unfortunate people living in ‘occupied’ Ukraine.

Red marks spot of two artillery position. Note it’s very close to both villages of Novyi & Hannivka & towns of Bryanka & Almazna.
There are two likely sites for the artillery position seen by OSCE: the one at the bottom being the more likely.
Close-up of the lower artillery position. This Google Earth image is from Oct 2020. Like the other one, they are both artillery positions used by towed artillery – the wheeled vehicle tracks identifying it as such. With the new dug outs and trenches seen in the OSCE image, Russia’s forces have enhanced their artillery positions here in 2021. Coordinates 48°29’30.26″N 38°34’14.33″E


  1. Let us hope that men of evil are not yet again planning to unleash savagery that will lead to yet more loved ones’ tears.
    Let us also hope that Ukraine’s key ally: the US, will lot allow this to happen.


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