Russia’s Forces Target Ukrainian Civilians – Village Shelled

Today in Europe: Russia’s making people homeless by shelling their homes.
Over the last seven years, Russia’s propaganda BIG LIE, is that the Ukrainian army targets civilians. That the Ukrainian army is a bunch of out of control, blood thirsty Nazi’s. Goes without saying all the credible evidence debunks this lame disinformation. And what’s more, the below info illustrates the only ones deliberately targeting civilians are Russia’s occupation forces.

My new video details the shelling of Nevelske by Russia’s forces. All support for my YouTube channel gratefully received. See the videos description for links to the footage and images used in it.

Nov 14th 2021: the small village of Nevelske was struck by a reported 50 artillery shells.
In Ukraine, The United Nations Office for The Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), reported 17 houses had been damaged, including 3 totally destroyed. In addition, 7 families had been made homeless.
Link to Nov 15th OCHA tweet about the shelling.

Now, this was not an accidental shelling, with a few random shells hitting the village. This was the long and sustained shelling of a known populated area. Nevelske’s population is around 250, made up of young couples and elderly residents. With such widespread destruction, it’s not hard to see why vast numbers of people have chosen to abandon towns, villages and hamlets along the frontline. After all, who wants to live in a war zone? Who wants to risk their own lives or those of their family and children? Who wants to risk having their homes and everything they own destroyed in the blink of an eye?

One of the destroyed houses. Damage to the house across the road can also be seen.
It’s clear the level of destruction was caused by heavy artillery.

The shelling occurred shortly after midnight. Thankfully this meant few people were up or out in the streets. It’s only by the grace of God no civilians were injured, although some reported difficulties in escaping from their damaged homes. Sadly however, one Ukrainian medic attending the scene was seriously wounded by shell fire and two ambulances are said to have been damaged. Nevelske coordinates 48° 3’33.14″N 37°34’41.49″E

Residents clearing the debris.
Nevelske lies approx. 7km west of the occupied city of Donetsk.
Close-up of the village. It’s made up of around 50 houses.
Shell crater can be seen in the road and the house behind has been badly damaged.

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