In Ukraine: Russia’s Electronic Hardware Seen from Space

Ok, I admit the above title is a tad misleading.
Because it’s the GIANT Ukrainian flags used to hide the electronic warfare system, which can be seen from space. Now this is unsurprising, as Ukraine’s national flag is jolly colourful, with bright blue and yellow colours. So when it comes to using it to camouflage stuff in a wooded area, it’s probably not everyone’s first choice.

The Ukrainian National flag.

The dictionary definition of military camouflage is… The use of leaves, branches, paints and cloths, for hiding soldiers or military equipment so that they cannot be seen against the area around them. And for the benefit of all Russia’s numpty soldiers in eastern Ukraine – you want what you’re hiding to blend in with its surroundings.

Feb 26th 2021, the Inform Napalm website published the below Feb 15th OSCE image. It details the sighting of a Target and Acquisition Radar system near the village of Buhaivka (in Ukraine’s Luhansk region). This is said to be the first official sighting of the Russian 51U6 Kasta-2E1 radar station in the occupied Ukraine. For full location details and radar info, please visit the Inform Napalm article.

Now you may have noticed, but one feature seen in the OSCE image does stand out.
Yes… it’s the two MASSIVE Ukrainian flags they’ve attempted to cover the radar system with. These flags are likely ones routinely flown across to occupied Ukraine using balloons. So a double whammy bonus that they’ve helped identify a Russian army radar station. It’s a certainty that the bright colours of the flag attracted the attention of the OSCE monitor operating the UAV – hence this image was taken.

Yesterday, taking a look around Google Earth, I paid a visit to Buhaivka, and to my pleasant surprise, I saw the flags from space. What makes the below satellite image more revealing and ever more comical, is the fact it’s from Oct 2020. Amusingly, this tells us Russia’s forces had been using Ukrainian flags as ineffective camouflage for a long time.

Location of radar station. To the left of it, there is a large Russia’s forces base. This houses over 100 pieces of hardware, including tanks and artillery. Radar Coordinates: 48°24’50.10″N 38°52’37.70″E
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