Sean Penn Visits Ukrainian troops on the Frontline

On November 19th, the American Oscar winning actor and director Sean Penn paid a visit to the frontline. In a creative collaboration with a Ukrainian production group, he’s said to be making a documentary about Ukraine and current events taking place in the country. The Ukrainian military gave him a guided tour and informed him about the current security situation on Europe’s 426km frontline.

Accompanied by a film crew, Sean visited the frontline village of Shyrokyne. Located on Ukraine’s Azov Sea south coast, this once popular seaside village was home to around 1,500 people. But with Russia’s 2014 invasion and Russia’s forces pushing to capture the nearby city of Mariupol, Shyrokyne was evacuated in 2015 due to intense fighting. Now one of several desolate ghost villages in eastern Ukraine, every home and building has been badly damaged. According to the Joint Forces Facebook post detailing the visit – Sean and his American colleagues were surprised to see so many women serving in the Ukrainian army.

Village of Shyrokyne is smack on the frontline. Russia’s forces trenches are just outside its eastern end, with Ukrainian trenches occupying a ridge on the western outskirts. However, the village is effectively split, with both sides patrolling territory within the village.

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  1. Penn has a history of cultivating friendships with some of the worse people on earth, such as Cristina Kirchner, the Castro bros, El Chapo, Chavez and Maduro. Did the Ukrainians check if he is a putler jackboot licker like his friend Oliver Stone?


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