Video: Russia’s Forces Disguise Grad Rocket Launchers in Ukraine

Later this week I intend to write a detailed post about the evidence seen in this video, but for now, here’s a short intro. On YouTube, check what I’ve written in the video description for more info and links about the MLRS seen in the video.

Over on YouTube, posted a new video. This one details evidence of how in eastern Ukraine, Russia’s forces attempt to disguise their Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS). Using OSCE and open source imagery, we view their attempts to disguise MLRS as standard military trucks. Video also touches on, earlier attempts to disguise MLRS by painting over and using paper to cover Russian military markings + the removing of Russian army vehicle licence plates – Related to this, the MLRS seen in the video are from Sept 2018, filmed near the Ukrainian border town of Krasnyi Luch in Ukraine’s Luhansk region.

Disguising MLRS makes them easier to move around without undue attention and harder to spot when positioned on or near the frontline. The fact the OSCE has filmed MLRS this year disguised as transport trucks and observed them moving around at night, indicates Russia’s forces are keen for no one to see them.

All new support from my humble YouTube channel is much appreciated.

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