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“Too much blood had already been spilled on the frontWe won’t go back to Russia. Nobody wants to be Putin’s slave.”

Today I’m highlighting a few of the more informed frontline media reports. One plus side to Russia’s threat of a renewed invasion, is multiple media outlets descending on eastern Ukraine. Among the journalistic throng, was Luke Harding. Luke has as very descriptive style of writing which engenders the right atmospheric tone; more so now as winters kicking in and “Europe’s eastern front with Russia” is ankle deep in mud.

Via a video and text article, we still hear the often repeated and inaccurate phrases of – rebels and pro-Russian etc., but with an important caveat. Luke makes it clear those fighting against Ukraine are “Russia installed separatist proxies.” We also get some classic one-liners from Ukrainian soldiers. Like most military they have that innate ability to sum up big events in one short sentence.

“Russia is stuck in the Soviet past. Ukraine is travelling in another direction, towards the west and Europe. We are an independent nation. Russia and Ukraine are not one people but black and white, yin and yang.” And I particularly liked what one of them had written on the wall “Fuck up and you die.” With Russia’s forces snipers routinely active on the frontline, it’s a forthright reminder not to get complacent.

Check out Luke’s article for the Guardian here.

The map used in the article.

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