With the potential threat of a renewed Russian invasion of Ukraine hanging in the air, added to the upsurge of Russia’s hate-filled propaganda, I’ve called a Campaign Day for Dec 17th. Using the recently coined #UkraineWillResist & #УкраїнаЧинитимеОпір hashtags, Dec 17th is the day for us to show vigorous support for Ukraine. A day to call out Russia’s threats against the Ukrainian people. The brave men and women currently fighting Russia’s occupation forces are playing their vital part, so it’s time for those of us behind the line to join their heroic resistance.

To help the campaign, yesterday I posted the below YouTube video, which you can use to share on social media. Remember, to use one or both the hashtags in your posts and let’s see if we can get them trending. Next week on Twitter, I’ll also be posting lots of Campaign images and more videos promoting the event, so feel to use them.

PLEASE start promoting the event NOW. PLEASE play your part in giving Ukraine a LOUD social media voice and a help send a CLEAR message of resistance to Putin.

December 17th: Be ready brothers and sisters. Be ready to RESIST.
Video shows the breathtakingly brave Ukrainian soldiers, nicknamed Cyborgs, raising the Ukrainian flag over the shattered remains of Donetsk city International airport in Oct 2014.

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