An Excellent English Translated Frontline Video

Over the last few years, it’s been extremely rare for any media to report from the frontline. However, the recent threat of a renewed Russian invasion has prompted some media outlets, including the BBC to visit Europe’s forgotten frontline. Once there, regrettably, most main stream media continue to regurgitate the misleading portrayal of Russia’s forces in eastern Ukraine as – pro-Russian, rebels or separatists. This despite the overwhelming tsunami of evidence indicating all those fighting against Ukraine are fully paid, equipped and 100% controlled by Russia. As one of the Ukrainian soldiers says in the below video – There are no locals, they’re all Russians.

One person who doesn’t need to check where the frontline is and who knows exactly what’s going on, is Nolan Peterson. Thankfully he’s now back reporting from Ukraine and producing some excellent video reports for the Coffee Or Die Magazine. I highly recommend you watch the below video and check out out the Coffee Or Die website for more info on it. Video has some great footage and insightful English conversations with Ukrainian soldiers holding the line. You can also follow Nolan on Twitter, for his on-going reports from Ukraine.

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