We Got #UkraineWillResist Trending All Day

A sincere thank you to all who took part.
Yesterday Dec 17th saw a spectacular response for our #UkraineWillResist #УкраїнаЧинитимеОпір. Campaign Day. For Ukraine related tweets, both hashtags trended all day on Twitter and remarkably they’re still trending at N01 and N04 today Dec 18th. Clearly the campaign tapped into the prevailing mood that Ukrainians will resist Russia and its backward looking, Stalin loving dictator.

A genuine prevailing mood, backed up by a recent survey showing 33.3% of Ukrainians will put up armed resistance if Russia starts large-scale military actions. Another 21.7% said they will participate in civil resistance like protests, strikes, demonstrations, boycotts, marches and public disobedience. In total, 50.2% of respondents chose one or both of the above options. And putting those percentages into context, Ukraine has a population of around 44million. So on top of Ukraine’s battle-hardened armed forces, millions of civilians are willing to resist Russia and any renewed Russian invasion. Kyiv Independent article on this poll.

Campaign Stats.
As of Midnight (London time) on Dec 17th: #UkraineWillResist Trended at No1 with 5,378 Tweets & #УкраїнаЧинитимеОпір Trended at No4 with 4,537 tweets. What’s more impressive is the sheer magnitude of retweets for both hashtags – the RT volume easily over 100,000 and likely far higher. Safe to say yesterday, the world shared a whole lot of love for Ukraine. They signaled the Ukrainian men and women who today hold Europe’s bloody frontline and those who died holding it, are far from forgotten. And gave Ukraine a prominent voice for a day.

I’ll likely call another campaign day soon, but let’s see how things pan out with Putin’s ludecrous demands about NATO – and maybe tie in a related Campaign Day. So, once again my thanks again for those who tweeted and retweeted. Yes, Tweets don’t stop Russian tanks and bullets, but they do send a very visible message that people prefer democracy to Russian dictators.

Dec 17th: Midnight London Time Trending at No1 & No4.
Dec 18th: As of 10.45 London time still Trending at No1 and No4.

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