Wishing You A Happy New Year

Well, another new year has arrived. And as many people have already said, 2022 can’t be any worse than 2021. For me, I think it will be a good one and a very good for Ukraine. With President Biden in the Whitehouse and a new German Government thankfully without Merkel, Putin’s predictable bluff and bluster is struggle to get the usual appeasement results. It’s taken far too long, but it looks like the worlds finally waking up to Russia’s tin-pot dictator. A long may it last.

So on that happy note, here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year and a sincere thank you for all the blog support. Below are a couple of videos I put together using various clips from Ukraine and some appropriately added music. The first New Year Blog update will be coming tomorrow.

My Happy New Year Video
My Happy Christmas Video.
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