First Ukrainian Soldier Dies in 2022

Well, it didn’t take long for Russia to claim its first Ukrainian life in 2022.
Sadly, it’s reported on December 27th, the Ukrainian soldier, Igor Tychyna was hit in the head by a Russia’s forces sniper bullet. In a coma in hospital, doctors battled to save his young life. But on January 1st, he finally fought his last battle for Ukraine. He was a proud Para and came from a large loving family. Just 20-years old, he would still be attending school during Russia 2014 invasion of eastern Ukraine & Crimea. And unlike most of us, this year he didn’t get to wish anyone a Happy New Year.

His death is a stark reminder that many Ukrainian soldiers suffer horrendous wounds such as loss of limbs and life changing injuries. And some like Igor, subsequently die from their wounds. Regrettably, he wont be the only Ukrainian who dies this year at the bloodied hands of Russia. And he certainly wont be the last one killed by a sniper. Russia’s snipers are like cancer, they never stop seeking out their next victims.

Link to my post on the 80 Ukrainian soldiers who died during 2021.

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