She’s Knitted 3,000 Pairs of Mittens For Ukraine’s Warriors

Not sure if they give out awards for knitting, but if there’re any going, Valentina deserves a bucket full. Because this remarkable lady has knitted more than 3,000 pairs of gloves for Ukrainian troops serving on the frontline in eastern Ukraine. But that’s not the remarkable bit… they were knitted whilst she was blind and for a good many years while also deaf.

Valentina with her latest boxed batch of gloves.

In 2008 Valentina Mazurik tragically lost her sight, with the inflammation from the optic nerve spreading to the auditory nerve, which eventually stopped her from hearing. Money was raised for a special hearing aid and in 2018, she received it and after 7 years, was again able to hear.

Her son is the reason for Valentina’s industrial level mitten output. Serving in the National Guard, he’d fought against Russia’s invasion forces. Wanting to help the defenders, blindly she began knitting warm gloves for her son’s fellow fighters in the National Guard. Having eventually found a technic, she tries to knit at least one pair of gloves each day, which can take 12-14 hours. Now, as if that herculean effort wasn’t enough, as seen below, she also attaches messages of support to her gloves. Unsurprisingly, her devotion has received much praise from soldiers who receive the mittens and from people around the world who know of her selfless endeavors and who even send her wool. All the best to you Valentina and keep on knitting sister.

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