Russia’s Forces use Norwegian Army in Recruitment Poster

Now, Russia’s been occupying eastern Ukraine for almost eight years. That’s almost eight years of opportunities to film and photograph their soldiers. But, eight years ain’t enough to find one whose photogenic enough to adorn their, come die for Putin recruitment posters.

In Russian occupied Ukraine, they are constantly appealing for people to join their military. Such appeals are accompanied by pictures of suitably heroic looking soldiers – you know the type that makes people sign up for the unique opportunity of getting their heads blown off while standing in a cold muddy trench.

Seen below, this week saw a classic of the genre. Posted on social media, it’s a recruitment poster for the Russia-led Donetsk People’s republic, entitled – Army DPR. The only glaring downside is, the poster shows members of Norway’s Armed Forces, as used on their website.

This image was no doubt chosen, because they wanted some strong, confident looking soldiers in appropriately wintery scene. When comparing it to the genuine image seen below, you can see they’ve covered over the soldiers two Norwegian military lapel badges with DPR ones. Text reads..

1: Stable salary from 24,000 Russian rubles ($317) per month)
2: Career growth.
3: Full provision of equipment and food.
4: Assistance in acquiring Russian passport.
5: Free education at a DPR university.
6: 30 days holidays.

The advert is clearly directed at uneducated cannon fodder, who might fall for the university education, holidays and free grub, with a Russian passport thrown in. The wages may seem low, but they’re comparable to those you’ll get in Russia – so the chance to earn a reasonable wage without paying for accommodation/food will appeal to some. You can make your own jokes up about the “Career growth” line, which should include pictures of coffins.

Original image: Note the soldiers two lapel badges.
Page from the Norwegian website.
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