East Ukraine: Mainstream Media Report it’s Russian-occupied Territory

A well-respected UK media outlet has made a lot of people very happy, including me.
On January 15th, the Financial Times wrote a good piece on – How serious is Vladimir Putin about launching a major Ukraine offensive? In the section covering military forces, they included the below map. It’s much like any other, but differs in one significant way – the map annotation states – Russian-occupied territory – this relating to the area in eastern Ukraine.

For this, the FT deserves three big hearty cheers for telling it like it is and apologies if they’ve done so before. Let us hope other mainstream media are now brave enough to follow their truthful lead.

It’s more than just words on a map, it’s a matter of life and death.
Factually reporting eastern Ukraine as Russian-occupied territory correctly informs the public of the situation on the ground. In so doing, the knock-on effect is it counters the Kremlin’s propaganda narrative of there being a Ukrainian “Civil war.” Whereas, inaccurately writing Separatist controlled etc. clearly doesn’t do either of those things.

Despite the total absence of any credible evidence to back up their continued claim, virtually all mainstream media, including the likes of the BBC, continue to inaccurately report eastern Ukraine as “Separatist, Rebel, or Pro-Russian controlled territory. In doing so, it doesn’t take a genius to work out they make one Russian dictator very happy indeed. I suspect many journalists simply go with the apathetic flow – after all, Russia’s occupation of Crimea and part of eastern Ukraine has been going on for almost eight years. They sit down to write a piece on Ukraine and duly regurgitate the same misleading, rebel this and separatist that clichés, and use the same equally misleading maps produced long ago.

A classic example of what many people would consider a pro-Russian (pro-Kremlin) map is seen below. Published a few days ago by the BBC & written by Paul Kirby, this often used BBC map was included in this article – Is Russia preparing to invade Ukraine? And other questions. Along with the “Separatist-held areas” map, the article trots out the same inaccurate lines of – “Russian-backed separatists” in eastern Ukraine. Even the title is extremely inappropriate, as Russia invaded Ukraine way back in 2014. So, one has to ask, is the BBC scared of Russia’s reaction should their journalists write the truth about eastern Ukraine? Or more troubling, are some BBC journalists just lazy and ill-informed?

Should they be able to, a good many of the 14,000 people killed in eastern Ukraine would say Russian propaganda gets people killed. Therefore, the worlds media should think long and hard before they publish anything on eastern Ukraine that aids the continued bloodshed.


  1. Need to show the Russians exercising in Belarus and the troop movements into their AOR from the East. Keep updating the buildups with Sat shots – good OSINT your putting out. Cheers


    1. Cheers man. Yes, more military updates coming tomorrow, including news of the Russian and Belarus forces training together. However, I’m not really reporting on the threat of a Russian reinvasion of Ukraine, because I don’t think Putin has the balls to do it. But then, that’s just my opinion.


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