Nice: Russian Hackers Claim #CrimeaIsUkraine

It can’t have escaped many people’s attention, that last week Ukraine suffered a massive cyberattack. Effecting around 70 government websites, including the Ministry of Defence, all the sites were temporarily offline.

At the start of Friday’s attack, the hackers left a message. Posted in three languages, Ukrainian, Russian and Polish, it read “Ukrainian! All your personal data has been uploaded onto the public internet,” and “This is for your past, your present and your future.” Ukraine has blamed Russia for the hack. Poland’s government noted the Polish message contained serious errors and also blamed Russia for the hack. BBC article on the hacking.

Now here’s the amusing bit.
Regarding the message, myself and no doubt many others noticed the hackers rightly agree that Crimea is still part of Ukraine & not Russia. Seen below, they’d put a line through a map of Ukraine (my white arrow), indicating they saw the Crimean peninsula as still part of current day Ukraine. Which was jolly nice of them.


  1. Dear Glasnost Gone,

    You may be misinterpreting the symbols. The diagonal line means “No”, so they are saying “No” to an outline of Ukraine with Crimea. Right?

    Other than that, I really enjoy your posts!

    All the best,

    Dennis Jans

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    1. Cheers Denis. I think they were saying, No to everything related to Ukraine, hence the map, Ukraine’s flag & national emblem. But hey, either way, it’s something to make us smile.


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