In Ukraine: OSCE Disprove Russia’s Propaganda

Spend time reading Russia’s deluge of disinformation and you’ll find Russia is a big fan of recycling. That’s the recycling of propaganda kind. In eastern Ukraine, the two Russia-led Donetsk & Luhansk republics churn out a daily diet of disinformation about Ukraine and in particular its army. They never produce any actual evidence to back up their outlandish claims, but being part of the Kremlin’s propaganda machine, they don’t have to.

The two sham republics primary job is to pump out a continues stream of preposterous mistruths. Next, Russia’s vast propaganda machine then spreads these falsehoods & use them for political headline grabbing gain. Designed to discredit the Ukrainian army and drum up fear, the below is a classic fake news piece. “Armed people without insignia occupied a school and forestry in a village.”

Reported by the so-called Donetsk people’s republic (DPR) on Jan 18th, this is said to have happened in the village of Novohnativka. The village is small and close to the Petrivske disengagement area, which sees regular firing most days. Typically, in an effort to give their disinformation some believability, they cram in lots of very specific info – in this case, the number of soldiers without insignia, where they are, what they’ve been doing “the militants loot abandoned houses and destroy the village road with caterpillar vehicles,” along with the number of armoured vehicles, reported as 12. So, they’re claiming it’s a sizable military force.

Novohnativka village

Now, where might you ask is the evidence backing up these shocking claims to Ukrainian soldiers on a looting rampage and racing around in their armoured vehicles trashing roads? Well, there ain’t any. As seen below, what we get is the usual “according to information from… line. Odd that they didn’t publish a link to this alleged damning evidence “from the district administration” in the nearby town of Volnovakha – or even publish screen grabs of it, photos, or evidence of social media posts from distraught residents?

Thankfully, the OSCE was on hand to skewer this particular lie.
In eastern Ukraine, the OSCE monitor the websites of the Russia-led Donetsk & Luhansk republics. This helps them follow up on claims of civilian casualties, alleged damage to buildings/homes during fighting & incidents such as this. Jan 19th, they reportedthe (OSCE) Mission followed up on reports of an alleged occupation of a school by a group of armed people without insignias in Novohnativka (government-controlled, 40km south of Donetsk). During a UAV flight, the Mission observed no signs of military occupation at the school, which appeared to be closed. The Mission observed a calm situation in the area and will continue to follow up. This from their report published on Jan 20th.

Unsurprisingly, they saw no signs of military occupation. Also stated they’d follow up on this, by likely talking to local officials/residents. And, just to prove how easy it is to take screen grabs to back up your claims, below is my screen grab of the OSCE report. Link to the Russia-led DPR website.

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