Russia’s False Flag Bomb Planting in Play

Today the old classic of Russia claiming Ukraine’s planted bombs to kill civilians has again been rolled out. I say old classic, as they’ve done this before, with numerous bombs once said to have been found in a public park. They don’t yet specifically reference who is linked to this possible bomb threat, but the implications are clear, that they’d like people to think it’s Ukraine.

Today in the occupied city of Donetsk, the Russia-led Donetsk people’s republic (DPR) claim nine buildings in several districts in the city may have bombs within them. And it would not surprise me if somewhere in the city, Russia’s forces explode a small device for effect.

Wanting to scare the civilian population, stir up anger and give the Kremlin more fuel for its propaganda fire, the DPR chose civilian locations for this bomb threat charade – including those used by children. Buildings said to be the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Information, the Regional Energy Supply Company, the Central Republican Bank, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, as well as a Scientific Library, the Palace of Children and Youth Creativity and a shopping center. 

And what credible evidence did the DPR put forward to substantiate their claims of a widespread bomb threat – It came today from anonymous sources. The anonymous source presumably being the Russian army. The OSCE may follow up on this, but doubtful they’ll be able to report much, as they’ll likely be kept well away.


  1. A brewery – now thats hitting below the belt – disinformation from Russia is crazy to drum up support. Keep exposing their lies. Cheers


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