Russia’s False NATO Narrative Exposed

January 25th, the UK Ministry of Defence shattered Russia’s faked NATO hysterics. And it only took them 16 seconds. Tweeting the below video, it clearly illustrates Russia’s far from being “surrounded by NATO.” The land border of Russia is over 20,000km long. Of that less than one sixteenth is shared with NATO members.

Regrettably, western main stream media often play a part in inadvertently spreading the Kremlin’s false NATO narrative. When reporting on Russia & NATO countries, they usually use maps which focus on Europe – instead of one as seen below, showing all the countries bordering Russia.

Seen below, you can now watch my YouTube video on Russia’s NATO Disinformation Nonsense.
Direct YouTube link.

UK MOD video.
UK MOD tweet.
My new video on Russia’s NATO Disinformation Nonsense.


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