Russia’s Propaganda Ping-Pong Against Ukraine

As I’ve previously reported, when it comes to Ukraine, Russia operates a propaganda Ping-Pong system.

1st: In occupied eastern Ukraine, Russia tells its two sham Donetsk & Luhansk people’s republics what false claims and propaganda to spew out. The more eye-catching and sensational these claims are, all the better for potentially grabbing people’s attention and the media’s.

2nd: Each day, those two Russia-led republics duly oblige and shovel out lies by the bucket load.

3rd: The Kremlin, Russian state media and an army of trolls, propagandists and useful idiots now grab their own shovels and eagerly start distributing the republics disinformation dirt.

It’s a simple system, with the below ludecrous claim perfectly illustrating how the Ping-Pong operates. Today Jan 28th, the Russia-led Donetsk republic claim Ukraine’s planning “an offensive operation in the Donbass (which) is being developed at the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the guidance of American advisers.” And where might you ask is the proof backing up this startling and equally laughable claim? They say… drum roll… it came via “our undercover intelligence.” As with this one, they never present any credible evidence for such ridiculous claims about Ukraine, or the Ukrainian army – because, for Russia it’s all about having headline grabbing disinformation to promote, in this case about America helping Ukraine to plan a military offensive.


  1. This method of information distribution is better compared to the game many people know as “Telephone” or which I have learned is also called “Chinese Whispers”. Several players get in a row and a message is whispered in the 1st player’s ear, who then turns and whispers it to the next in line. The player at the end receives the message and announces it out loud. The result is always a ridiculous message that contains errors in communication and even cultural biases of individual players. Sounds very like what’s coming out of Russia!


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