Ukraine: YouTube Deletes Donetsk & Luhansk Republics Channels

Today a giant step was taken to counter the Kremlin’s divisive propaganda against Ukraine. In eastern Ukraine, both the blatantly Russia-led Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics report all their YouTube channels have been deleted – for violating Google’s terms of use. These are both their military and civil channels. This is confirmed, as I’ve checked the links to them.

Thousands of videos have now disappeared and been replaced by a 404 Not Found monkey – which in terms of credible content, is a genuine improvement. With much of the channels videos spreading lies about Ukraine and pumping out absurd unproven claims about the Ukrainian army, more so over recent weeks, I suspect formal government complaints have been made against them, prompting deletion. Below, the Donetsk republics claims they’ve been told they’d ‘violated Google’s terms of use’. And were provided with a link to the “Google rules.”

The knock on effect of this welcomed clampdown will likely make Russia’s western propagandists operating out of occupied Ukraine nervous about their channels – two of the worst specimens being Patrick Lancaster & Russell Bentley. From the US and both living illegally in occupied Ukraine, they’ve stoked hatred towards Ukrainians and spread some of the worst kind of propaganda for many a year. But enough of Russia’s sellout monkeys, today let’s celebrate democracy having made a substantial stand against Putin’s disinformation machine. And Ukraine’s all the better for it.

Taken this morning, the below are my screen grabs from the so-called Donetsk & Luhansk republics. They’re not happy bunnies.

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