In Ukraine Russia Uses Corpses in False Flag Attack

Part 1: Exposing Russia’s false flag attacks in Ukraine & those who promote them.
First up a warning: Some of the images in this post are very graphic. But regrettably, the victims seen in this false flag operation need to be shown as evidence.

Second up: we should remember the warning from US Intelligence, that Russia may use corpses in eastern Ukraine for false flag attacks. This done in an effort to blame Ukraine and give Putin his casus belli to (re)invade. Well this post shows that Russia has indeed used corpses and reduced itself to the status of graverobber country.

Over the last week we’ve seen a steady stream of shambolic and instantly disprovable false claims of Ukraine having planted bombs, sent sabotage units into eastern Ukraine, shelled civilians and even attacked a Russian border post. Over the next few days I’ll be exposing many of them, so stay tuned.

The False Flag.
Seen below, on Feb 22nd, the Russia-led Donetsk people’s republic reported 3 people killed in two explosions. This on the main road from the occupied city of Donetsk, to the occupied town of Horlivka. They claim (Ukrainian) “demolitionists” tried to blow up a military commander, but missed him and instead blew up a civilian car.

Screen grab from the Russia-led Donetsk republic website.

These are screen shots taken from two videos seen at the end of this post.
1: The old car which they claim was destroyed in the explosions has no number plates. This indicates it’s likely to have been sourced from a junk yard. Another indication this car was planted there and deliberately set on fire, is the total absence of any glass on the ground or inside it, this despite all its windows being missing, apart from the rear one.

The rear of the car showing the missing number plate. This is Patrick Lancaster – more on him later.

2: The car has what are obviously neat round bullets holes in the front section of the car. Clearly in a feeble effort to replicate shrapnel, someone’s used a machine gun to fire a burst of bullets into it.

Bullet holes in the car.
Close-up of the bullet holes from an image posted by Patrick Lancaster. Again note the absence of shattered glass on the ground.

3: Inside the car, images posted by Patrick Lancaster show perhaps two badly burnt corpses. Seen below, the most notable body part is a skull. This has what looks to be a bullet hole through it. However, what’s more noticeable is the skull has earlier been cleanly sawn in half – most likely during an autopsy/medical procedure – which maybe related to the hole in the skull.

This is an indicator the bodies may have been removed from a morgue, or perhaps dug up from recent graves – then dumped in the car. If the hole was indeed caused by a bullet, then this body maybe that of a Russia-led soldier. One can only feel immense compassion towards the families related to the deceased. For their bodies to have been used in such a callous way for a propaganda stunt, must be heart wrenching.

Close-up of the skull. Also note the interior of the car – its dilapidated state and absence of glass in the window frame or interior.
Image showing the rear of the car and the badly chard remains of a what looks to be a body. Note there are no obvious signs of burning in the rear of the car, so why is this body burnt? Again note the poor interior state of car & absence of glass.

Update: Feb 23rd: Victor Weedn, a renowned career forensic pathologist with experience examining victims of IED blasts and former chief of the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory: has said: the skull shows a distinct cut, as if made by a bone saw. “It’s a typical cut made to remove the skullcap as performed during an autopsy.” Weedn also said after examining the images. He also noted that a small hole in the skull suggested a bullet’s exit wound, rather than a typical wound from IED shrapnel. Link to Grid website for more info.

Update Feb 28th: A Bellingcat investigation confirms that prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine “separatists” used corpses (as seen in this post) to fake an IED attack – this being used as evidence of Ukrainian brutality by the Russian media. Link to Bellingcat report. Report kindly mentions myself as having first noticed signs that the corpses were autopsied.

4: In one of the videos, we also see an old green van. Like the car, it too doesn’t have any number plates. Seen in the video, there doesn’t appear to be any obvious damage, apart from a broken open side window and a few white scuff marks – and again there doesn’t look to be any glass on the ground. One wonders why the van driver chose to stop the very second after the (nonexistent) bomb went off, rather than drive on? Again this looks to be a previously scrapped vehicle.

5: The graphic photos were posted by Patrick Lancaster on Twitter – we see him in one of the videos. This nauseating man is from the US and has been illegally living in Russian occupied eastern Ukraine since 2014. He’s an unconvincing, dim-witted liar, who is paid by Russia to push its disinformation. Ukraine or America should have long ago had his YouTube channel & Twitter account closed down. As seen here, he’s been actively promoting the worst of Russia’s false flag attacks and routinely promotes the lie that Ukrainian forces deliberately target civilians.

His Feb 22nd tweet. Note he writes his “report and investigation soon.” Well, as you’ll see in the video, he doesn’t investigate anything.

First video showing the two vehicles.
Second video featuring Patrick Lancaster. Amusing to note, he even says the car has bullet holes in it, but dismisses them as made by the bomb. We also see the sawn skull in this video. Any genuine, independent journalist would have questioned all the points I’ve raised in this post. But genuine, honest and independent journalists are banned from occupied Ukraine.

And lastly, another of Russia’s western propagandists.
Feb 22nd: Like Lancaster, Dean O’Brien promoted this false flag attack, “yet another terrorist attack by the armed forces of Ukraine” adding for good measure “People in the West need to understand this is why Russian peacekeepers are needed here.” Previously, O’Brien has illegally entered occupied eastern Ukraine and has plans to do so again later this year – this would be a criminal offence under Ukrainian law. As with Lancaster, he too trumpets disinformation about Ukrainian army deliberately targeting civilians & throws out repugnant false claims that Ukraine’s a NAZI supporting country. An indication he’s merely a useful idiot, is the fact he’s tweeted the same video which this post has revealed as an obvious false flag attack. Maybe O’Brien or Lancaster know the identity of the victims? Maybe they would like to apologies to the victims families for using their deceased loves ones as Russian propaganda clickbait?

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  1. The green van is a Volkswagen LT28. It was quite popular to be converted to an RV after its job was done at a plumber or electrician for several years. Check for the plastic window on its left side, it’s typical for RVs as the roof racks are. See also the missing door handle and lock cylinder/door lock.
    The license plate (square shape) should be directly fixed at the left rear door, not among the two half bumpers … and there’s neither a plastic bracket nor any evidence of screws.

    Great fake. Really.

    Thanks for your report.


  2. This guy is the worst propagandist I’ve ever come across. He was obviously recruited just because he was one of the few English speakers in Donetsk at the time, so the thugs recruit this pathetic simpleton to report misinformation in English. They probably don’t realise how ridiculous he sounds with the way he channels his speech in a thinly veiled attempt to hide his autism. He’s not quite as obnoxious and in your face as Graham W Phillips, but that’s probably because he lacks the social skills and would cry like a baby if anyone challenged him.


  3. Beside all that the rear window seems to be still there, although there are holes in front and on the left side. So that IF there was a bomb, it surely had destroyed the rear window as well.


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