Russia Invaded Ukraine AGAIN

I don’t want to waste too much time on this, because it was as predictable as night follows day. Incredible after all Putin’s done, many western leaders like Macron thought Putin genuinely wanted to talk about “security” issues. Whereas everyone else with at least half a brain cell, knew he didn’t. Putin’s simply scared of having a large democratic country on his door step, and his dictatorial actions having nothing whatsoever to do with NATO.

With that said, at least it’s official now – #RussiaInvadedUkraine. And who knows, maybe the main stream media will stop promoting the Kremlin’s false narrative of “Separatists, Rebels, pro-Russian” in eastern Ukraine and all the other batshit labels they’ve given Russia’s occupation forces over the last 8 years. But I’m not holding my breath.

On the frontline.
In eastern Ukraine, the shelling by Russia’s forces (RF) continues all along the frontline, but no reports yet of any advances towards Ukrainian lines. Putin said Russian military will openly enter Ukraine for “peacekeeping missions,” which translated means INVASION MISSIONS. They will undoubtable fully take over the frontline, but doubt we’ll see any instant change, as fresh units entering Ukraine will first have to set up logistics and bases etc.

As for what happens next, it doesn’t take a genius to work that out. With Russian troops on the frontline, Russia could invent a claim they’ve been fired on by Ukrainian forces and use that excuse to advance deeper into Ukraine – perhaps creating that land border to Crimea, which Putin hoped to secure back in 2014. But for now that’s all conjecture on my part.

Feb 21st: Two Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 18 wounded. Below image is from the daily briefing from Ukraine’s Joint Forces Operation. It lists 84 RF violations, along with the locations targeted by RF fire – in total 40 areas hit, with most RF firing coming from artillery & mortars.
Link to Joint Forces Operation Facebook page.

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