Art Imitating Current Life in Ukraine

This post doesn’t need much explaining, other than to add the image seen below is an accurate representation of Russia’s inhuman and relentless targeting of civilians in Ukraine. Other pictures show Ukrainian soldiers helping civilians cross river Irpin. To prevent Russia’s forces armour crossing the bridge and reaching the capital city of Kyiv, Ukrainian forces blew it up. Just a few kilometers west of Kyiv, the small town of Irpin has been under constant attack by Russia’s forces. Now as we’ve seen across much of Ukraine, Russia’s now indiscriminately shelling it.

Image depicting the accurate difference between Ukrainian and Russia’s forces.
Ukrainian soldiers help a family cross the river.
People waiting to cross the river, shelter from Russian shells under the bridge.
Ukrainian soldier carries a baby across the river.
An exhausted woman collapses after crossing the river. Ukrainian soldiers try to help her.
Satellite image showing Irpin (top left) and the capital city of Kyiv. From the bridge, it’s only 5km to the edge of Kyiv.
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