Russia’s War Against Ukrainian Civilians

No need for a thousand words.
It’s often the case that a picture has the ability to sum up a monumental event. Can encapsulate the good, bad and the ugly within it. And so it is with this image. Near Kyiv in northern Ukraine, Ukrainian forces have been pushing Russia’s cannon fodder back. Having liberated the town of Irpin, this image shows abandoned civilian cars. The sight of a shrapnel riddled car and a young child’s baby doll, no doubt dropped while the family desperately attempted to flee the town, graphically sums up Russia’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine.

The cars are likely from the ones seen in the above image. Due to Russia’s relentless, indiscriminate shelling and their repeated attempts to capture the town, residents were forced to flee. As seen in the above image and those below, while the town was held by Ukrainian forces, people had to leave their cars in order to cross the River Irpin. This road bridge to Kyiv had earlier been been blown up to prevent Russia’s forces advancing towards the capital. Residents can be seen sheltering from Russian shells while waiting their turn to cross the river.

Residents under Russian shell fire head towards the bridge.
A mother and her young son run from Russian shelling.
A family and their young children are helped across the river by Ukrainian soldiers.
Civilians crossing the river with the help from Ukrainian soldiers.
An elderly woman is carried.
And elderly woman is helped across the bridge.
A Ukrainian soldier carries a child across the damaged bridge.
The town of Irpin is around 6km from the northwestern edge of Ukraine’s capital Kyiv.
Irpin. I’ve highlighted the bridge seen in these images. The other bridge further north is a rail crossing.
A young mother clutching her baby.
A baby cries as a family drop to the ground as another Russian shell lands nearby.
A father carries his daughter.
People tried to save their pets.
And elderly women is helped across the bridge.


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