Ukraine’s Little Minesweeping Pooch

This is definitely one of those occasions when size really doesn’t matter.
With that said, say hello to Patron & one of Ukraine’s four-legged warriors. This plucky little Jack Russell is two and half & has been working with Ukraine’s Emergency Services since the tender age of six months old. His life threatening job is sniff out explosive devices left by Russia’s forces such as mines and shells. Currently working in the Chernihiv region in northern Ukraine, he’s said to have helped find hundreds of explosive devices.

On a more personal level, he’s said to be fond of cheese and belly rubs 😊. Use this link to watch a BBC video on Patron. Ukraine uses small dogs for finding explosives/ammo etc. as they’re better able to search in confined locations such as vehicles and shell damaged locations. With Russia’s devilish forces said to be laying mines and booby traps in areas they’re retreating from, Patron is going to be one busy pooch for many months to come. So stay safe little fellow.

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