English Subs: Ukraine’s President Press Conference

Saturday April 23rd, Ukraine’s President Zelensky held a packed press conference with the worlds media – in the Kyiv Metro.

He said Kyiv’s negotiators will pull out of peace talks with Moscow if Russia kills the Ukrainian forces still holding out in Mariupol’s vast Azovstal steelworks. “If our men are killed in Mariupol, Ukraine will withdraw from any negotiation process”. On the killing of a three-month old baby in the city of Odesa yesterday, he described the Russians who had planned and carried out the Odesa attack as “bastards.” Visibly angry, he said the baby was just one-month-old when the war started. “It’s simply horror… they just don’t care,” he added, stressing that the Black Sea city was struck on the eve of Orthodox Easter – a major festival in the Orthodox calendar. Asked whether he’s afraid Russians will kill him, he said “I don’t have any right to be afraid. Because our people aren’t afraid.”

Watch the below CNN English subtitled video covering the conference.

Call me biased, but one can’t help but compare the way Ukraine’s President acts, taking questions from the massed ranks of the worlds independent media, and Putin. The most Putin can manage is an embarrassingly staged video of him seen grasping his desk in short trousers, while talking to his defence minister Shoigu. They looked like two tired old men, who don’t even believe their own lies.

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