With the predictability of night follows day, today Russia launched a massive missile attack. After the worldwide reporting this week of Ukrainian President Zelensky’s successful trips to the UK, France, European Parliament and the European Council, it was a safe bet petulant Putin would launch another missile attack.

Ukraine’s air defences prove their worth.
As of 11.30am local time, Ukrainian air force report, using strategic bombers and ships in the Black Sea, Russia launched 71 cruise missiles. However (see below image), they say air defences downed all but 10 of them, along with 5 of Russia’s Iran’s kamikaze drones. In addition, Russia fired 35, S-300 missiles at the southern city of Zaporizhzhia and the northeastern Kharkiv region – a missile designed to be surface-to-air, but used by Russia to strike the ground. Fired from short range, it’s hard to counter these S-300 rockets.

Damage does not appear to be heavy, but power supply issues reported in Kyiv and other regions. Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said – “Ukraine has temporarily lost 44% of its nuclear generation, 75% of its thermal power plant capacity and 33% of its combined heat and power plants. Repairs are underway, and there are enough energy resources and generators for Ukraine to make it through the winter.” Seven people also injured in the northeastern Kharkiv region. Thankfully this time, Russia doesn’t appear to have killed anyone (yet).

People sheltering in the Metro in Kyiv. And as you can see, stoic Ukrainians are now well used to Russia’s war crime missile attacks.