And it’s good to be back.
To say the very least, Russia’s full-scale invasion has consumed much of my time. Therefore finding extra time to post both on Twitter, here and producing videos on YouTube, has proved quite a challenge. Those of you who’ve previously visited my blog, will notice I’ve deleted the bulk of my older posts. Russia’s full-scale invasion has made most of my older scribbling irrelevant, so it’s a chance to start afresh.

But enough about all that, because I’m now back blogging. My intention is to post most days. I’ll try to cover the important daily invasion news stories and throw in some wider associated news. Going to keep the text short and concise, so you’re not spending ages reading stuff. More posts coming tomorrow, with a few catch up news stories.

So it only remains to say thanks for stopping by and please pop back again.
Follows and likes always welcome.

All the best from me

5 thoughts on “WELCOME BACK TO MY BLOG

  1. Hi Alex,

    good to know that your blog is up and running again.
    Looking forward to your new posts.

    Best regards


    P.S. This is my third attempt to write a comment. I think wordpress wants to kick me out. D.S.


    1. Cheers Mats. Always good to hear from you mate.
      I have to approve comments, that’s why you don’t see them.
      I’ll now delete your other two. I must check out your excellent blog.


  2. Alex – keep doing what you do – another angle on the WAR is needed and yours is very well presented. Cheers Pete


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