Russian passports – A hindrance not an advantage.
Now we’ve all heard Putin and Russian officials proudly boast that sanctions imposed on the country are having little effect and Putin’s “special (fuck up) operation” in Ukraine is going swimmingly. The unconvincing Kremlin message is – Russia and the Russian people are as one.

Meanwhile down South America way, Russian stoicism has gone on holiday.
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has imposed mounting travel restrictions on Russian passport users – this coupled with Russia’s dire health service, the Kremlin’s increasing crack down on civil liberties, has seen pregnant Russian women flocking to Argentina to give birth. Argentinian officials have reported more than 5,000 pregnant Russian women have entered Argentina in recent months, including 33 on a single flight. It’s believed the women want to make sure their babies are born in Argentina to obtain Argentinian citizenship.

Migration agency head Florencia Carignano said: “The problem is that they come to Argentina, sign up their children as Argentinean and leave. Our passport is very secure across the world. It allows passport-holders to enter 171 countries visa-free.” This compares access to 87 countries using a Russian passport. Link to BBC article on this.