Holding the town of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine, here’s some recent pics showing Ukrainian troops from the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade. Russia’s been attacking the town for months and has duly lost thousands of troops in the bloody process. Prior to Russia’s full-scale 2022 invasion, Bakhmut had a population of around 70,000 people. Now, with much of the town damaged and destroyed, only a few thousands residents remain.

Reporting Feb 13th, the 93rd say- The enemy constantly changes tactics. Sometimes he attacks in small assault groups, then he uses dozens of mobilized ones for an assault. Sometimes it increases shelling at night, systematically hits rear areas with missiles, terrorizes the civilian population, undermines civilian infrastructure. At times, the occupier appears to be stronger and more numerous. However, he has one great weakness – he plays on someone else’s field, fights for someone else’s land. And this promises the invader a big failure. Link to their Face Book post on this.

The graffiti on the wall seen below reads – Bakhmut Loves Ukraine.

Location of Bakhmut (red marking).