Once again, when Russia’s forces try to advance in Ukraine, its outdated WW2 style tactics and poorly trained and motivated soldiers get slaughtered in huge numbers. And in 2023, Putin’s cannon fodder is turning the snowy landscape of eastern Ukraine red.

The Ukrainian military data shows on average, 824 Russian soldiers are dying per day in February of this year. Bulk of loses due to Russia’s relentless & thus far unsuccessful attempts to capture the towns of Bakhmut and Vuhledar in Ukraine’s Donetsk region. Daily videos show uncoordinated Russian armour and infantry attacks getting decimated by Ukrainian artillery, mines and UAV.

Feb. 2023: Abandoned and damaged Russian tanks – after yet another failed attack on Vuhledar.

The above chart was produced by the UK’s Ministry of Defence. Using Ukraine’s military command daily casualty stats, we see a rapid 2023 increase in Russia losses. They are fast approaching the heavy losses sustained in Feb 2022, at the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion. When you consider a Russian infantry battalion comprises around 600–800 officers and soldiers, you get a sense of the huge losses Russia’s suffering in Ukraine. Entire units are getting wiped out and others are loosing so many men, as to be no longer capable of fighting.

The UK’s Ministry of Defence reported: Over the past two weeks, Russia has likely suffered its highest rate of casualties since the first week of the invasion of Ukraine. The Ukrainian General Staff release daily statistics on Russian casualties. Although Defence Intelligence cannot verify Ukraine’s methodology, the trends the data illustrate are likely accurate.

An Entire Russian Brigade Wiped Out.
Russia’s so-called elite 155th naval infantry brigade is reported as being wiped out during countless futile attacks on the town of Vuhledar and neighbouring area. Ukrainian military report 150-300 marines are dying every day near Vuhledar. They estimate the naval brigade to have comprised some 5,000 soldiers in all, whose members had been killed, wounded or taken prisoner.
Link to Politico media article on this.

Below: More destroyed/abandoned Russian armour from Vuhledar. Header pic shows a Russian soldier killed in Feb 2022.

Destroyed by months of Russian shelling – the Ukrainian town of Vuhledar. Before Russia’s full-scale Feb 2022 invasion, the town had a population of around 14,000. Now there’s virtually no one left there, apart from Ukrainian troops defending it.


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