Catching up on a few previous events which you might find interesting. This one from January this year.

Ukrainian military doctors performed an operation to remove a part of a Russian VOG grenade from the body of a serviceman. It was removed in the presence of two military sappers who ensured the safety of medical personnel. The operation was carried out by one of the most experienced surgeons of the Armed Forces – Major General of the Medical Service Andrii Verba without electrocoagulation, as the ammunition could detonate at any moment. The operative intervention was successful, and the wounded serviceman was sent for further rehabilitation and recovery. Link to Ukraine’s military medical Face Book post on this.

Used by both Ukrainian and orc forces, these grenades are fired from grenade launchers (see last pic), and a growing number of handheld weapons. Also, due to their light weight and aerodynamic design, they’re the favoured ammo to attach to UAV for dropping on stuff.