About Glasnost Gone

Hello, from me Alex King.

First off, it’s worth saying I have absolutely zero connection with Ukraine; I’m simply an English chap who doesn’t like tiny, topless, tin-pot dictators who invade Ukraine.

Serbia RussiaPicture of a tiny, topless, tin-pot dictator.

In Aug 2014, I found myself joining Twitter and taking up the good fight for Ukraine. This totally out of the blue decision came about after seeing Russian trolls posting comments on a Ukraine story, via the BBC website. It’s not widely known, but every day, Kremlin trolls post pro-Russian comments on all the major news websites. So feeling somewhat miffed by Putin’s pesky Russians having invaded the BBC, @GlasnostGone was born.

After a few smaller Twitter campaigns, such as #RussiaTodaySpinning, which successfully exposed Russian state media misinformation, I founded Nadiya Savchenko’s #FreeSavchenko campaign. With the help of people around the world, 1.6 million tweets, world leaders and politicians calling her release, Nadiya’s remarkable Russian lawyers and the incredible Ukrainian bravery of Nadiya herself, in May 2016, Russia was forced to free her. Now, using satellite imagery & open-source material, I’m doing what I can to highlight Russia’s on-going military involvement in eastern Ukraine.

I’m 100% independent of any country or organisation.
I simply post what I feel is important and what I hope people might want to read. So that’s me; almost 7 years of campaigning for Ukraine. Only remains to say you have my sincere thanks for stopping by, and should you wish to support my work, you can make a donation (please do) using this PayPal link. And you don’t need to open a PayPal account to donate.

Thank you.

In case you’re wondering about the header picture. My mug of coffee and poster were inspired by the below now famous Canada at NATO 2014 tweet.

Canada at NATO

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