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Hello from me Alex King.
First, my thanks for visiting my humble little blog.

That said, it shouldn’t take you too long to work out that I post stuff on Russia’s occupation of eastern Ukraine. And on Twitter, YouTube and here, I’ve been doing so for almost 8 years. With Putin having just announced Russia’s will officially invade Ukraine, I maybe also be blogging for the next 8 years.

As for me… well despite what Russia’s trolls & useful idiots would have you believe, I’ve no connection whatsoever with Ukraine. I’m simply an English chap from London who doesn’t like tiny, topless, tin-pot Russian dictators who invade Ukraine. 

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How it all started.
Back in Aug 2014, I suddenly found myself fighting the good reporting fight for Ukraine. This out of the blue decision prompted after seeing Russian trolls posting comments on a Ukraine story, via the BBC website. Incredibly, everyday hundreds of Kremlin trolls post thousands of comments on all the worlds major news websites. So, feeling miffed by Putin’s propaganda monkeys having invaded the BBC, @GlasnostGone was born.

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