The below June 21st map from the UK Ministry of Defence gives shows the current situation.
1: Russia continues to shell wider Ukraine using artillery/mortar and longer range missiles.

2: North of the city of Kharkiv, Russian forces still hold a small area of the Ukrainian border, and they’re engaging in daily shelling of Ukraine held areas.

3: The heaviest fighting continues to take place in eastern Ukraine. Russian forces are throwing everything into finally capturing the towns of Severodonetsk & neighbouring Lysychansk. Ukrainian forces still hold a small part of Severodonetsk.

4: Southern Ukraine: Russian forces are largely on the defensive, but engage in daily shelling. This week, Ukraine reported they’d again attacked Snake island in the Black Sea – reporting the occupying Russian garrison “suffered significant losses.” There’s also reports of Ukrainian military hitting an oil rig platform in the Black Sea – which they say Russian military was using. Ukraine’s said they are withholding detailed info on these attacks until after the operations are fully completed. So hopefully we’ll see soon see some Ukrainian military videos/pics. Neptune missiles and other longer range artillery may have been used in these attacks – along with the plucky Bayraktar combat UAV.

This is the area seeing the heaviest fighting. Russia’s trying to encircle Lysychansk and cut the main roads leading to it. Yesterday Ukraine reported Russian forces had captured two villages to the east of Lysychansk, but also repelled numerous attack elsewhere in this region.

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