Russia’s invasion of Europe and Ukraine, coupled with its Nazi style Z symbol, has coined a new word – Ruscism. Appropriately, it joins together the words of Russia and Fascism. Along with different variations, the use of the descriptive word is becoming popular and is frequently used by the Ukrainian military. A little more background on this can be found in this Wikipedia article.

Another equally apt descriptive term given to Russian soldiers, is ORCS. This is a longstanding name which grew in popularity during Russia’s 8 year occupation of eastern Ukraine and Crimea. The word will be familiar to JRR Tolkien readers & those who’ve watched the Lord of The Rings – orcs being the monstrous Mordor anthropoids who wreaked havoc wherever they went. Mordor is also a name given to Russia.

Colourful cartoon of a Russian orc solider looting things he’s never seen or used before.

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