There’s a suitably defiant trend in Ukraine. Taking photos of people within the ruins of buildings destroyed by Russia. The images add a surreal grandeur, which reclaims Russia’s heartless devastation inflicted on homes and structures. Sends a clear message that you maybe able to destroy bricks and mortar, but you’ll never break the Ukrainian spirit. For more info on these pics and to vie many more, check out this Ukrainian media article.

Fencers in the sports complex of the National University of Kharkiv.
On Prom day, Valeria Kobzeva, 16, posed in a red ballgown amid the rubble of her School in Kharkiv. She said “I studied at school 134 in Kharkiv. There were a lot of friends from school, we were like one big family. The girls chose dresses and we were glad that everyone would be very beautiful on graduation day. But the “Russian world” came to us and ruined all the plans, which we dreamed of.”
On graduation day, two students stand in the rubble of houses in Kharkiv.
More students – more damaged homes.

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