A warm welcome to my newly designed blog.
I’ve blogged (scribbled) here since 2016. However, with Russia now having fully invaded Ukraine, I felt it was time for a blog refresh. So, I’ve deleted the majority of the older posts which largely dealt with Russia’s occupation of eastern Ukraine and started from scratch.

My Cunning Plan.
With the exception of occasional longer blog posts, my intention is to keep (Snippet News) posts short – thereby enabling you to read them in a few minutes and view them quickly without much scrolling. Currently there’s only a handful of posts, but I fully intend to add more on most days. To find other related posts, click on the tags on the top right of posts.

I’ll be adding a few widgets to make it easier for you to follow this blog, along with other bits and bobs. But the overall aim is to keep the blog uncluttered and minimalist. So my thanks to all who’ve supported my blogging efforts and it’s always good to get feedback and comments.

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